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About Us

"K&K Group – load cells, force/torque sensors” has been manufacturing high quality load cells for 20 years in the Russia.

Having design, machining, strain gauging, assembly and calibration all at one job shop allows us to respond rapidly to customer demands for standard products or special load cells designed to meet specific requirements.

Our load cells are used in a wide variety of fields including:
- truck scales;
- low profile design platform scales and hopper scales;
- batchers and mixers;
- advanced sports and medical equipment;
- automated control systems.

Our market strength is our unique ability to quickly produce custom designed solutions to problems at reasonable costs.

Current prices for our standard products can be obtained from our price-list.

As a manufacturer we can repair and recalibrate all our load cells, both standard and bespoke designs. We also recalibrate and repair load cells made by other manufacturers.

If you are looking for a solution to a force measurement problem - our competence and experience are for your service. We promise our involvement in your project to what ever degree you require!

Bank account in US$

Beneficiary Bank: Center-invest Bank, Rostov on Don , Russia

Intermediary Bank: CITIBANK NA , NEW YORK , USA
Correspondent account in Intermediary Bank: 36872652

Beneficiary Customer: Klimova Natalia, 40802840100401000081

e-mail: krivets_dv@inbox.ru