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Customized Design Products

Customized design load cells and force/torque sensors are needed very often if:

•  you want to install sensor into an industrial, weighing or bio-medical equipment are in use with restrictions for it's form factor;

•  installation and metrological requirements are not satisfied by standard design load cells.

electrical contacts interaction force sensor stabilograph load cell miniature load cell 3 axis force/torque sensor pedal force sensor
BBM0.5-1 BB80 BBM5-30 LPP200/24 SPF
6 axis force/torque sensor 6 axis force/torque sensor multicomponents force/torque sensor Six-Axis Force/Moment Sensor ¬—6M 3 axis force/torque sensor
multicomponent wrist sensor trunk force sensor hand dynamometer Ilizarov apparatus force sensor s-shape load cell
BC6W STF S1.2 S0.8 S50
s-shape load cell breast sensor breast sensor stabilotrainer load cell stabilograph load cell
S5 SM50 SM20 DEB100 DEB50
torque sensor torque sensor torque sensor
torque sensor
torque sensor
T600, T800 T300 T50 T20 T2
handbrake force sensor Ilizarov apparatus force sensor rope tension force sensor medical scale load cell low profile load cell
B500 BB1 BB0.6-1.5 MLC ULP3-400S
low capacity  force sensor Three-Axis Force Sensor SR3 Low Profile Shear Beam SLP50-500    
CBM0.1-0.3 SR3 SLP50-500    


If you are interested in our customized design products don't hesitate to contact us and we'll send you sensor's technical data and outline drawing.


e-mail: krivets_dv@inbox.ru